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How Travel Portal Development Transforming Hotel Industry?

The global reach of technology is rising tremendously. This has modified the working ways of companies. The increasing knowledge of technology among end user is an advantage and disadvantage for travel businesses. The advantage is they can advertise their end product to wider traffic. The disadvantage is businesses are facing challenges due to updation requirement in travel technology.

In the current market competition, web-based advertising policies found fruitful. The travel portal development organization resolves this issue of updated travel technology. The company offers compelling solutions for the advertising benefit of their consumer.   The various technology solutions include

  • API/XML Integration,
  • GDS Integration,
  • Travel CMS
  • Hotel Extranet and much more.

The portal development organization enables a smart solution for the advancement of the travel industry. The portal helps the travel companies to offer exclusive deals in Air ticket booking, Hotel reservation, Bus seat booking, and Rail ticket booking, etc.

The travel portal development organization supervise very travel company in every way. They made them understand the importance of advanced travel technology for continuous assistance. The rising demand for web-based services also increases the theft of important data.

travel portal development

To remove this hurdle the portal development organization has developed hotel extranet system for the hotel industry. The encrypted access has been given to authorized hotels using this system. The hotel can sign in through their Username and Password. Through signing in to their account they can upload all the information related with their property into the system. For example, a hotel can upload data regarding room availability, booked room, amenities, prices, modification in any information, etc.

The insert data further moved to travel agencies which can serve their customers by giving them options from various suppliers. This is a computerized system which is connected to compilation and distribution of data of hotel properties. The bookings are linked to communicate the hotel owners through Email.

The booking agent receives the booking, observe it properly and upload into the extranet system. If the booking is not uploaded into the hotel booking engine through human interference the changes in charges will not be displayed.

The Fundamental Features Of Hotels Extranet System

The B2b travel portal development business conducts the work of designing a hotel extranet system. The system is installed to get access to GDS. The hotel owners used this exceptional tool to control their online sales and advertising strategies.

The hotel supervisor accesses the Global Distribution System via a secure path and uploads their information into the extranet system. The uploaded information used by selling channels in the future.

Amazing Features Of Hotel Extranet

  • The important characteristic of Hotel extranet system is its flexibility to work and enhancing the travel sector.
  • Hotel extranet provides an interface which is easier to control and learn.
  • It deals in managing charges, and other significant information to the accommodation properties with least effort.
  • This system allows the connectivity of the authorized hotel properties to the GDS, online travel agent, and mobile supported booking system.
  • Many delivery channels related to the administration system of the hotels.
  • The system takes care of the present facilities in the room.
  • Take care of the exclusive selling deals, for example, open assistance or special discount in assistance.
  • Effect extra, mandatory or optional supplements, etc.
  • Electronic Mail and broadcast alert for arranging support and confirmation.
  • Hotel extranet system utilizes the data as per the terms of their user.


Travel portal development is the right way to market your business in the today marketing world. Hotel extranet system added further excellence to this process. The system develops for the hotel industry only. Future is bright for other industries as well.

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