Travel Sector Changes Brought About By Artificial Intelligence

There are some unwritten laws in human life. Only education and working in an office is not enough to know about the laws of humanity and the world. The main reason, why your ancestors stressed on the importance of travel every year. Do you know that many of the top CEOs of many large organizations go for a trek to the wilderness every year? Now let us focus on the topic of this article – Travel Sector – Changes brought about by artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence And Travel Industry

If there is one industry which has always welcomed innovations in technology, it is the travel industry. And this industry has always taken the initiative to launch innovations. Just imagine the situation three decades ago. At a time, when the website for a large company was uncommon, reputed travel agencies welcomed the movement with websites for travelers. And yes, they made hefty business. Now, it is the time of artificial intelligence and cloud computing.

Changes Brought About By Artificial Intelligence

What Are The Recent Changes In The Travel Industry?

Just imagine the time five decades ago, when your father had to go for a trip via a foreign agent. He had to consult the travel agent face-to-face and then know about the arrangements. Now, with phone facility and digital payments being made available, all you had to do, is to book the place for a hotel or bus in the travel agent’s website and complete the package.

Artificial Intelligence has taken customer satisfaction to the next level in the travel industry. It can provide personalized services to a customer. The major advantage is that AI along with machine learning can learn from the behavior, challenges, and answers of the customers. It will then implement them in its module.

In this article, let us focus on the changes brought about by artificial intelligence in the travel sector.

  1. Big Data

Shall we take the first example? Every company, worth its value in the industry in recent times is dependent on data for their survival. Are you surprised? Okay, we will explain how the data is crucial to every business. We are talking about the data about customer behavior, their buying pattern, their preferences, and needs. Now, how do the companies get these data? From their online presence or website. Oh Yes, we also forgot about the social media platforms. From Facebook ads and Instagram followers, a company can get to know more about the behavior of customers. Now, compare the same situation with a travel agency website. The AI tool can specify the right amount of customers for the next festival season in the country, their needs and the hotels which are frequented more by tourists. The travel agency can also know about the tour packages, discounts more likely targeted by customers. So, the travel agency can focus on these points in the content of their website. Then they can attract more customers. This is one of the changes brought about by artificial intelligence in the travel sector.

  1. Personalized ExperienceChanges Brought About By Artificial Intelligence in Travel Sector

Yes, you have heard the word many a time in the news or read in the newspapers. Now, what is this personalized experience? Let us explain it to you. You have gone to Spain and have stayed in a locality where they speak only the local language. You want a guide to roaming around the town. The hotel staff recommends a travel website, and you call the number. You speak in English and get an apt response. Now, you are surprised but hire the guide from the agency for your services. But do you know that the response was given by a chatbot and not a human? This is the difference. There are many reputed websites, which have installed chatbots in their customer care service. These AI applied chatbots can speak in many languages and can solve simple queries.

There is also another way, the AI has crept in the travel sector. For example, The Hilton group of hotels have a robot to greet visitors and answer queries. It has been designed by AI algorithms and can suggest the best local tourist attractions to visitors. This benefit is one of the many changes brought about by artificial intelligence.


  1. Pleasure for Business Travellers

Now, why do you go for travel? To renovate the mind and body. Do all travelers come back from travel with new fuelled energy? You bet. The reality is much more different. Many travelers come back home feeling exhausted. The reason, booking problems and getting the flights on time. The main reasons, there are some areas where there was a miscommunication with the local language guys and all.

Even the hotel stay, some find it very uncomfortable. It is at this aspect, that artificial intelligence applications have come to help. Imagine that AI applications have been implemented in the customer care service. So, you need a coffee at 6 am in the morning, want the temperature at night to be at a certain temperature. The AI automatically stores this kind of information in its database. So, even if you do not ring the bell at 6 am, you are sure to get the coffee. How about this situation for a personalized experience? Isn’t the situation one of the best changes brought about by artificial intelligence?

  1. Productivitycustomer care in Travel

Now, you are once again surprised at the title. Productivity? That too in the travel sector? Yes. We mean it. Literally. Similar to other sectors, there are also some jobs which have to be repeated again and again. How about taking the example of an airline?. There are some simple queries that are asked again and again by customers. In this case, the AI chat box will be the best option. This kind of chatbot does not need rest, works 24/7 and in case of complex questions, routs the customer to a human executive.

There are also travel websites, which help customers find cheap fare on air flights. Productivity is one aspect where Artificial intelligence has brought about the desired changes.


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Artificial Intelligence Ai in travel sector

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