Travel With Kids – 11 Tips For Traveling With Family!

If you have a subject that you ask a lot here, it is about traveling with children. And as your request is an order, Voyage Nomad have prepared this complete guide that will help you board safely and fun with the little ones!

Travel with children: 11 tips not to be missed!

Yes! Child work! But it also gives joy and much, much love! And that’s why traveling with kids can be so much easier than you think! The truth is that you will only need to pay attention to the specific needs of the children and plan a little bit more than if you were traveling alone. Let’s go to the tips?

Travel With Kids - 11 Tips For Traveling With Family

1 – Search before you buy airfare

Avoid buying impulse passage unless it’s a must-have promotion. So, research each destination well, so that the choice is for a place that offers rides and attractions geared towards children.

Also be sure to search for temperatures, for example, extremes are never nice to anyone. So try to choose a place neither too cold nor too hot.

If the trip is international and/or the flight is long, opt to travel at night when the children sleep. In this way, you prevent them from getting tired, angry and bored.

2 – Children pay airfare?

Some companies do not charge children under 2 years old, as this varies according to the policy of each company, it is indicated if you inform us at the time of purchase. At that age, when transportation is charged, it usually stands at around 10% of the value of an adult ticket. But remember that, in this case, there is not an armchair for the child and she passes the whole flight on the lap of the person in charge.

For children between 2 and 12 years (incomplete), the value will be 50% of the total value of the adult fare, with seat right. To request a chair and/or crib, it is necessary that the request is made at the time of booking.

Note: always make contact with the airline of your choice. Each one offers a kind of facility and it is important to protect yourself so that there are no surprises along the way.

3 – Minimum age for boarding children

The airlines require that to travel with children/babies is necessary that they have more than 7 days of life.  However, doctors and specialists indicate that the child does not travel by airplane before 2 months of age. The reason is, in addition to the small is not immune to various diseases, the pressure of the aircraft may bother the baby.

Still, about this, the ideal is that the baby only embarks after taking most of the vaccines, which happens when the same is with, on average, 6 months of age.

4 – Organize the documents required for shipment

Even with parents and/or guardians, children also need travel documents. So organize everything according to the destination in question.

5 – Respect the limits: yours and those of the child

If your dream is to get to know New York, do not be fooled by going to Orlando just because somebody said it’s a place for a kid. Always keep in mind that your child will be happy around the family.

So the tip is that you really take the limit of your child into account! When you set up your trip, no matter how much you hang around in Manhattan, always respect the time and schedules of the little one.

6 – Muscle activities during the itinerary of the trip

Do not forget to mix activities of adults and children, so everyone wins. Want an example? Are you going to Paris and want to see the Eiffel Tower? No problems! After getting to know this famous tourist spot, how about enjoying the extensive grassy area to let the kids run and spend a little energy!?

7 – Food for travel with children and babies on the plane

The Anac not put into effect any regulation aimed at it. However, some airlines offer snacks and meals for children and infants. For this, it is necessary to make the order, with the company’s SAC, with up to 48 hours in advance. Consult at the time of purchase of air tickets.

If you prefer to take the food, this is possible. It is suggested that you only transport the quantities that will be consumed during the flight.

During the flight, ask stewards to heat meals. Generally, this is done with much kindness and attention by all the airways.

At destination

If your baby still eats pussy, make sure that in destination there is the same style of food that he is accustomed to. And yet, it is still appropriate to take options for one or two days. This will help in the adaptation and also will be valid in case of an emergency.

If you are already a child who can eat everything, it is worth the same rule that you use in your city. If you can, plan the restaurants you want to visit so you’ll know exactly what your child can (and will) eat.

8 – Avoid exaggerations when preparing luggage

We know it’s almost impossible not to think, “Oh, I’m going to take it, you need it …” But try not to exaggerate in the suitcases,  since, even being a trip with a child, the allowed weight for luggage must be respected.

According to Anac, the issue of the franchise is defined taking into account security. So do not try to be an exception.

On domestic flights, up to 23 kg can be dispatched, including trolleys and accessories. Already for international flights, the franchise increases, depending on each airline. The tip is to always be on the alert not to pay for excesses.

9 – Take toys and other objects for distraction

The cat’s jump is to take things that can distract the children during the flight. The tip is to never take just one item. Example: Take a tablet, but also have other toys around, as they tire easily. And, of course, carry small items that are quiet.

Most airlines have kits for children to paint. Ask the flight attendants!

10 – Make A Checklist!

He has a suitcase, he has a toy, he has a list of documents … it’s a LOT to administer, right?

So organize a checklist,  in advance, and include everything from the simplest things like “cell phone charger” to “passport”!

11 – Know what to bring in the baby/child handbag

The last item is one of the most anticipated! After all, what to carry in the handbag? We made a little list to help you. This way, you can organize yourself in the peace of mind. (I.e.

  • 1 or two empty baby bottles/cups (will be used to put liquids offered in the airplane, like water or juice);
  • Powdered milk;
  • Papin has and berries washed, chopped and/or kneaded;
  • Cloth to clean the mouth and/or bib;
  • Wet wipes;
  • 2 Pacifiers, in case of a mess, you have another in your hands if you can not get up at the moment to wash;
  • Diapers;
  • Pillow, since usually child loves to sleep with his own;
  • Covered and clothes for cold, since the airplane usually is icy, mainly at night, because of the conditioned air;
  • Two changes of clothes to be exchanged during the flight;
  • Options for distraction such as silent toys and tablet;
  • Medication for fever, colic, and others.
  • Remember: everything will work out!

Not everything can go as planned, but remember that a trip with children means, more than ever, a moment of leisure and joy in the family. Try not to stress for little and relieve small contingencies. Enjoy!

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