Traveling after Brexit

Sooner or later, the Brexit question will likely to be settled. With this development which is going to take place at the end of this month, People from the United Kindom are showing concern about their traveling conditions and limitations.

This blog is for Brits who are traveling and intend to travel to EU countries. Last month when I was on Morocco multi-center holidays, one of my travel companions asked me a question regarding traveling conditions after Brexit. Everyone from the UK needs to know what the travel conditions they will observe while traveling towards Europe.

Things to know about traveling after Brexit

Things to know: traveling after Brexit

Questions regarding documentation, Visa, and other travel documents are important. What you are bound to keep with your luggage for the Holidays and business trips in Europe, get to know those things.

A question of Visa for Brits to Europe

This is important. If the United Kingdom comes out of any deal and go for Brexit without any deal, the Brits won’t need any visa requirement to fulfill to get anywhere in the EU countries.

This information is validated by the European Parliament that in case of Holiday trips or Business related tours, you will not need a visa to enter into the EU zone. You are free to roam around up to a period of 90 days.

Now and Then, Before and After Brexit Situation

Remember, officially the United Kingdom is still an EU member and if you travel now, before 31 October, you will not experience any change in the process and requirements on Holidays and Business purposes.

Your passport, at least of six months validity, and medical facilities as per the European Health insurance health card. And for example, you are at your holiday destination and you come to know that the UK has come out from the European Union without a deal, the changes, which will be in its transition form will not affect you anyway.

In case of any difficulty there, you will need to contact the UK’s embassy and ask them to guide you well.

If you are traveling on the day after the UK comes out without any deal, you have to consult your embassy and ask about the change in action.

Of course, there would be new legislation on things related to every external element including traveling. Keep in constant contact with the European Union or the Government of the Uk to get the required information.

traveling after Brexit

European Health Insurance Validity is a big concern!

If you are a European health cardholder and traveling after Brexit anywhere, or the Brexit happens without any deal, you are on right to be concerned about your health insurance card.

For you to know is, your European health card will no longer be valid. In this case, you should consult the solution with the embassy and the High Commission. Or if your travel company suggests a solution, you should go for the inclusive package then.

Travel insurance will secure you anyway in your traveling. It will cover your health insurance and other safety parameters.

Bringing Pets on trips after Brexit?

Bringing pets along on your trips would have no effect. You will be able to keep your pets with you. But it may require some more documents to present, your high commission and vet can guide you better regarding this.

Before transforming pets you need to visit a vet at least 3,4 months before the departure date. Take the instructions from the government of the UK regarding bringing your pets with you on EU destinations with effect of the dealt or non-deal exit from the EU.

Mobile Credit, Calls, and internet after Brexit

After Brexit, the call rates, internet, and other packages would serve you as same as doing today. Brexit will not affect your mobile Credit rates, and if the cheap packages you were using in the UK.

Will you need an International Driving License after Brexit?

Yes, after Brexit, you will need an international driving permit to drive in the EU countries. For now, before Brexit, you are free to use your British driving license. For the details, you will pay a visit to the government office or the place where international driving licenses are made.

There are various types of driving licenses keeping in view the places and requirements, you will have to pick for an option that suits you and the destination you are visiting will accept it.

A question of Visa for Brits to Europe

What about the Means of transportation?

Yes, Valid question. The flights to the European states will remain flocking, trains and buses will be on their own routes with no effect of Brexit.

Trains that are operating will not stop their function anyway. Passengers are facilitated with every means of transport to get into any part of Europe from the UK. It will not be affected by the deal, no-deal Brexit.

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