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When we talk about style and luxury, one might think about new furniture that is just out of the showroom. But Niola Furniture Upholstery gives an easy-to-adopt way of being classy. We provide the best furniture upholstery services to make your place look good. The small investment you do with services of Niola Furniture Upholstery will never disappoint you. Our services for furniture repair and upholstery are in a number of localities including Edina, Minneapolis, and Bloomington.

Upholstery in Edina

Your furniture is your valuable asset. When you are buying your furniture, you are doing a long-term investment and you know well that you’re not going to reinvest in your furniture anytime soon. At this point, revamping your furniture with would be the best option for you to get your furniture a new look.  We offer the best upholstery in Edina that makes your place looks elegant. You can completely illumine your furniture, which was previously dull, by our upholstery services. Our services in upholstery in Edina include;

  • Upholstery of furniture items
  • Upholstery of window wears
  • Cushion replacement
  • Furniture repair
  • Wall Upholstery


The ambiance of our upholstery will give you the desired grandeur to your house, office, parlor or restaurant.

Furniture Upholstery Service in Minneapolis

If your furniture has become dull, drab and left no more presentable then you need to get some cleaning done for your furniture. People often overlook upholstery of their furniture while cleaning their home.If you cannot clean and upholster your furniture yourself then you can take advantage of services of furniture upholstery services in Minneapolis. Our team will take care of your favorite furniture by first, carefully analyzing it and then upholster it accordingly. The regular upholstery of your furniture is necessary as you don’t know how much bacteria is there on your old furniture.

Through time, our furniture upholstery services in Minneapolis has maintained its standard and has earned customer satisfaction tremendously. Our up-to-date techniques for upholstery have been bringing life to old, drag furniture for quite a long time now. Our services can provide you with the ideal upholstery that not only gives a new look to your furniture but also makes your furniture much more comfortable and environment, clean.

Furniture Repair in Bloomington


If you are looking for long-term durability of your furniture, check out our services for furniture repair in Bloomington. Our success in upholstery business is due to our dedication in providing our clients with the best professional craftsmen. Our expert workmen will take care of your furniture from minor touch-ups to full fledge repair. The team will have the professional skills to give your furniture an entirely new look and charm that you will feel pride while living on your furniture.

Niola upholstery has unmatched services of furniture repair in Bloomington. Both in commercial and residential set-ups, we provide services for furniture fixtures at an affordable price. We care about your furniture with the finest craftsmanship. We use professional tools for extending the life of your valuable furniture. If you were seeking anyone who can repair your furniture from any era then you can contact us without hesitation. Our top-quality services are just a call away.

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