Want to Study in Paris?

Want to Study in Paris? Here is only Things You Need To Know:

Paris is the next hot study destination for study abroad. If you are considering studying in Paris you should read further.

France offers quality education and is the host for some of the world’s top educational institutions.  Some of the renowned institutions in France are Ecole Normale Superieure, Ecole Polytechnique, HEC, INSEAD, Pierre-and-Marie-Curie, and Université Paris-Sorbonne.

France has the finest quality of education and proposes astonishing research and development prospects. The universities and colleges offer a variety of programs in Science, Technology, Business, and Medicine.

Study in Paris Education Higher Studies

Paris has been ranked the third most famous study destination in the world, it is also one of the most popular places in the world for tourism as well as education. Paris also boasts of some very popular monuments and museums.

Being the capital of France and one of the most populous cities in France. Paris is huge. It has some beautiful landscapes, you may enjoy the stunning sceneries while studying in Paris.

It has a slight and damp climate, summer days are warm with the highest of 25°C and winters have a minimum of 8°C. Extreme cold or heat are quite occasional BUT you can experience light showers any time in a day.

French is the official language of France. Hence, it’s the most common language in Paris as well. While studying in Paris you may want to learn the language so as to get help in adjusting with the surrounding.

It will also help you in working part-time during the studies. The mode of instruction in the institutions in Paris is French and English both. If you wish you can opt for the English taught program but it is always better to learn the local language.

Cost of education abroad consultants is quite pocket-friendly in Paris. The France government is the authorization which sets the average tuition fee at almost all the public institutes and are very low-priced. There are some universities where you can study for almost free as they offer good amount of Scholarships depending on the merits. So, if you are an academically good student you may get a chance to study almost for free. Otherwise, the tuition fee in Public universities on an average is between 250-500 Euro per year and in private institutions, it can vary between 10000-20000 per year.

The living cost will depend on your lifestyle, the fancier lifestyle you choose the more money you need. But the average living expenses in Paris is somewhere near 10000-12000 a year. This consists of food, clothing, travel, and stationery mostly. Moreover, to support your living expenses you can also opt for a part-time job as an international student you are allowed to work with your studies.

Paris is one of the most famous cities in France and seemingly the crime rate is objectively low but you should always be careful of your belongings in metro or any other public places.

Student life in Paris is quite happening. You can enjoy the landscapes, visit the museums or you can sit in a café and do your stuff, walk in parks or enjoy the nightlife in a bar. Studying in Paris is like a dream come true.

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