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Waterless car wash technique

Waterless car wash technique | Benefits of waterless car wash:

Water is the most precious natural resource available out there and many might think that it is present everywhere,  but that is not the case now.  The water crisis is inevitable and already there is a large number of places all over the globe that are facing this currently. We need to preserve water and use it judiciously at every point possible. That’s how we can save the planet and maintain sustainability.

The Niti Aaayog in a report states that India is suffering from ‘the worst water crisis’ in the history, with 60 crore people facing high to extreme water stress & about 2 lac people dying due to hygiene & inadequate access to safe water.

According to statistics, India has only 4% of the global freshwater available on the whole planet. At this rate, it is predicted that by 2040, there would be no fresh water left and all freshwater would’ve been consumed.

Hence prioritization should be changed and precautions should be taken.

There are around 200 million Indians who have no access to basic drinking water. Even Farmers don’t have an adequate amount of water to properly grow their crops and have to rely on the rain which are very unpredictable. About 42% of the total population is under drought.

A normal car wash uses somewhere around 150-200 L of water per car and even if you wash it at home with a pipe, on average 80-90 L of water is consumed.

If you take 2 buckets of 20 L to wash your car, 40 L of water at least is used to wash a single car. Now you can calculate the tremendous consumption of water per car wash of 20 crore cars present in India. Thus the revolutionary concept of ‘Waterless Car Wash’ will save water and is a viable solution to the ‘Water Crisis’.

We are “GoWaterless” an initiative by Nitin Sharma. We are on a mission to save 1 trillion liter of water through our ‘Waterless Car Wash Technology’. We are a Navi Mumbai based Startup. We are expanding rapidly across India.

With 20 years left, we need to act quickly on water conservation. We at plan to do this by saving gallons of water that are wasted on car wash every day by simply going waterless.

What is Waterless Car Wash?

The waterless Car Wash concept works on the principle of using high-lubricity sprays to cleanse the body of the vehicle. The high lubricity captures the dirt and dust particles and then the surface can be simply wiped off clean. It is suitable for light dirt and it is 100% waterless and eco-friendly.

There are 4 simple ways as to how you can avail our services, which are :

  • Choose the right package according to your needs. We have 3 packages, Silver, Gold and Platinum with various benefits and services.  You can pick the one best suitable for you.
  • Then you need to book your service and fix a pre-planned date & time. You can do all these by filling out the form on the appointment page.
  • You will get service from a trained professional at your doorstep and you don’t need to go anywhere.
  • You can either pay before or after the service through any mode of payment, you prefer. Offline or Online through debit card or paytm or any other mode. We work for the ease of our dear customers. That’s why we have flexible Plans and payment options.

There are more benefits than a regular car wash, as described below :

  • Home Service– Imagine not wasting time to take your car to the washing centre, waiting for hours. You can rather utilize the time for your Professional / Personal work.
  • Professional Washers– We have a dedicated team of washers that are handpicked and educated by some of the best industry experts. The team will do wonders to your car.
  • Great Pricing– The prices are affordable and at this price, you can barely find any other similar service.
  • Eco-Friendly – All the services are eco-friendly and Non-Corrosive in nature and thus you will be helping the environment in every way possible.
  • No Water– Saving Water is our main goal. And providing an alternate solution to water helps us in achieving that goal. With 0% water usage, this is set to change the whole scenario of how we do car wash.
  • No Chemicals– No harmful chemicals are ever used. We use only plant-based products which are 100% eco-friendly and safe for the environment.
  • No Electricity– We don’t require any electricity to clean the cars. Thus effectively saving both water and electricity together, it helps in a major way to save the environment.

Benefits of Waterless Car Wash over traditional Car Wash :

  • Water and electricity is saved.
  • Car paint is safe.
  • Rust is kept away from your car.
  • Protects from Scratches.
  • Protects from Harmful UV rays.
  • Maintains the Shine of your car.
  • Makes the car Spotless.
  • Saves your effort and time.
  • The Best alternative to water.

Now you have the best alternate to Save Water – Let’s Go waterless.

We are also teaching this waterless car wash technique to people who are unemployed so that they can work and earn their living.

We will train 20,000 people across every city & town in India to become a waterless car wash professional and provide their service to the people in their area.

There are 3 major issues that we are addressing through our waterless car wash technique is ;

  1. Saving Water
  2. Saving the Environment
  3. Providing Employment

Calculation of how we can save Trillion Liters of water :

There are 20 Crore cars on the road in India.

If we assume that a car is washed at least once in a week.

On average it takes around 100 liters of water to wash a car.

200000000 x 100 = 2000 crore liters per week

2000 x 52 ( weeks in a year ) = 104000 crore liters

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