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What are the Dos and Don’ts for Packaged Food Manufacturing Companies?

Food is the most vital energy source for any living being. The earliest civilizations started living near rivers and water bodies so that it can help them grow food. People used to work so hard for meeting the basic necessities which are food, shelter, and clothes.

But times have changed and so have the requirement. People do not search for food anymore nor do they do extensive labor to get three square meals a day. All this is possible of course due to the global boom in development and economy.

Globalization has made it feasible for everyone to enjoy food from different places instantly. This instant food that we get anywhere and everywhere is possible due to the packaged food industry/ packaged food companies.

What is a packaged food industry?

Packaged food companies have seen instantaneous growth in the past few decades. Food products like snacks, meals, and beverages are packaged to offer protection against the elements and any kind of physical, biological, and chemical reactions so that they can be used at a later time for consumption rather than instantly.

Now, the growth in the packaged food companies is due to various reasons like the growing demographics and changes in people’s lifestyles. Increasing urbanization is also an important parameter in the packaged food industry growth.

Now the packaged industry’s obligate to a lot of responsibility. The quality of food being processed, the packaging, ingredients used, the marketing, consumers’ health, and many more factors come into the view when you are considering sending out food items into the market.

Hygiene in making the packaging comes in the forefront. Every industry follows certain norms that should be diligently executed for the well-being of the consumers. Likewise, the companies that come under the food industry, no matter how small or huge should stick to a set of dos and don’ts that might affect the consumer’s health and welfare.

Here is a list of dos and don’ts for the food processing units that need to be questioned if not followed meticulously because any kind of trifling can cause major problems to the health of the consumer.

Manufacturing Companies

What do you need to do?

Ø  Monitoring the packaging of the food –

The food that is being processed needs to have the right chemical and biological constraints for the perfect packaging so that it can have enduring longevity. The company must keep in mind what kind of packaging is available and which one could be used for the product. Also, the chemicals used for packaging should not be getting into the food. The most important thing that needs to be achieved is that the food remains fresh and healthy for the consumer.

Ø  Keeping the processing stations clean –

Food and hygiene always go hand in hand. If sanitation is not maintained in the stations then it becomes difficult to provide health and high-quality products to the consumers. Unclean stations, hands, and handling might transfer diseases into the food and when the consumer eats it, it might make them sick as well. So, keep a separate cleaning team who can offer complete sanitation to the whole processing at the ground level or else hire a professional cleaning service near you who can do it for you.

Ø  Go green as much as possible –

Food packaging means a lot of plastic. Plastic has become a headache for the environment and when you are talking about large scale processing of food, then you need lots of plastic. But if you can boost your finance and think about the future of the environment, it’s always advisable to go for ethanol-based polythene. Also for preparations of the food if fossil fuel is being used in any way you try to switch it to solar power.

What you should avoid?

Ø  Packaging for different kinds of food at the same place –

There are various kinds of foods that come to us in packaging. Both raw food items like meat, spinach, tomatoes, etc. and ready-to-eat items like dates, peanuts, jam, etc. come in packaging. If you are a food processing company that deals with multiple food items make sure that you don’t store packing material where it could take on bacteria or get contamination from other food items.

Ø  No Pest Treatment –

Pests get most attracted to places where there is food. As a food factory or company, after sanitation the next thing that you need to take care of is pests. Cockroaches, rodents, ants, spiders, lizards or any other pests might become health as well as finance issue for your product. Keep a routine check-up for pests. If sighted, contact your nearest pest control services immediately.

Ø  Improper tools and equipment for the process –

The equipment and tools that you use for any industry should be accurate. Especially when you are looking at the food industry, any discrepancy in the tools might result in improper food that’s going to be distributed everywhere. This causes a bad name for the company and distrust from the customers.

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