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What is consumer forum and information about consumer rights?

What is the consumer?

Every day people of the world buy something their essential product or their favorite product though market or online shopping. As we purchase some items at that time we become a consumer.

According to the Consumer protection act, 1986, people who buy something or receive any service for his own use, he called the consumer and only consumers can complain in the consumer forum.

What is the consumer forum?

A consumer forum is a government institution where you can complain against the seller and supplier; it also called the consumer court. Under this Act, the Consumer forum removes the problems faced by the consumer at the district, state, and national level and takes action on the guilty person.

Against Whom A Complaint Can Be Made?

  • Shopkeeper
  • Company
  • Dealer or
  • Service Provider

Who can register a complaint?

  • Victim Consumer
  • Any firm who are registered or not
  • Co-operative societies or a group of people
  • State or central governments
  • In the case of a consumer died, their nominees also can complaint

What should be in a complaint?

  • The complaint should contain the name and address of the complainant and the opponent or oppressor
  • Should be documented in support of allegation filed in the complaint such as cash memos, receipts, agreement, etc.
  • The expenses cost for complaint is very low so there is no need of a lawyer for this
  • The complaint letter should be signed by the complainant.
  • Three copies of the application have to be submitted, one of which is for the office, and one of the opposition parties.
  • You have to write in the last of the application or complaint letter that what do you want or expected from court?

Where we can file the complaint?

  • If the amount is less than 20 lakh rupees, the consumer can complain in the District Consumer Forum.
  • If the amount is between 20 lakh to 1 crore rupees, then the complaint will be in the State Commission.
  • If the amount is greater than 1 crore then the complaint will be in the National Commission.

What are consumer rights?

  • Right to Safety- this right says consumers have the right that whatever they purchase or receive services they all should be fully safe for their use, and not hazardous for their health & life.
  • Right to be informed- This right says that the consumer has the right that whatever services he has received or purchased all information should be given to consumers about the products or services.
  • Right to choose- This right says, that consumer has full freedom to choose product or services according to their need and choice to select from available products in the market.
  • Right to be Heard- If any consumer has dissatisfaction with any product then he can file a complaint against them.
  • Right to seek redressal- If a seller tells you some advantages or features of a product that you purchased and you are not satisfied by them or the product is different or harmful to your health or your life then you can complain.
  • Right to consumer education- this right tells us that consumer has the right to acquire full knowledge about his product or services and to be well informed.

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