What is the Function of a Network Interface Card?

What is network interface card:

It is a device that connects your computer to a local data network or the internet. The card helps to translate the data inside the computer into electrical signals which it sends through the network.

The signals are compatible with the networks which helps the computers to exchange information reliably with one another.

The Internet has become the basic necessity for anybody and so which is why interface cards are included in everything from PCs to desktops.

You also get the option to add the network card to the bare-bones of a computer just in case if it does not have one.

Description of the Network Interface Card

It is the size of a network adapter. It is basically in the shape of a plastic circuit board which is just of the size of a playing card. The presence of several chips in the network interface makes the help process the network and the PC.

The card slides into the personal computers chassis and then firmly with the connector which is present on the motherboard. A steel bracket holds the network interface card in place.

The bracket may have an antenna or a cable jack and that totally depends on the kind of network to which the computer makes connections. The bracket also has light-emitting diodes that indicate the activity and status.

What is the function of network interface card?

A network card functions as the middleman between the computer and the data network. For example; once you are logged into a website, the PC passes the website information to the network card which further converts the address into electrical impulses.

The impulses are carried by the network cables to a web server somewhere on the internet, which further responds by sending a web page back to you in the form of electronic signals. The interface cards receive the signals and in return, it convert it into data which is displayed on the screens.


The card hardware of the network needs programming to make it work.

Types of network interface card:

The most contemporary kind of network cards works with the wireless networks of the Wi-Fi. The cards have an antenna to send some data signals via the radio waves. Some networks even use the wired Ethernet connections which have a rectangular plug that mates with the jack on the network’s card bracket.

In the new generation computers, the network adapter’s cards are the custom computer chips which are built into the PC’s motherboard. Every computer has the universal capability to have in-built network access. Having chips with the motherboard frees up the card slot for devices which you might want to add later.

The computer retailers sell the network accessory cards if you wish to install one in your computer.

Learn how to install a Network Adapter

It consists of 2 easy and quick steps

  • You must first connect the adapter hardware to the computer
  • Install the required software associated with the adapter

There are various ways through which you can buy a network interface card, either can buy it online or directly from the market. It is easily available so availability will never be an issue.

Here are some network interface cards that are worth your money:

  • Intel EXPI9404PT
  • Intel EXPI9404PTG2L20
  • Intel EXPI9404PTLBLK
  • Intel EXPI9404PTL
  • Intel EXPI9404PTL

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