Why Does Marriage Delay?

Why Does Marriage Delay? Know The Reasons From Your Birth Chart

Everything happens for a reason and for everything there is a specified time.  But what is the perfect time? When a certain event doesn’t happen as per our specified expected time, we feel that things are just getting delayed. This delay usually causes worries and anxiety when it’s a really life-defining moment. Marriage is such an event where the expectations of getting hitched at a specified age are higher and the anxieties on missing the expected age surround not only us but our family, as well.

But why the marriage gets delayed? What are the real reasons behind it? Can the delay in marriage be avoided?

The Universe has the answer to all your questions. Whatever is destined in your life is hidden in the position of your Birth Chart or Kundli. Some people may quote that the reasons for the delay in marriages are the highly ambitious nature of millennial, burdening family responsibilities, serious commitment issues or acceptance to an arranged marriage.

They somehow neglect the significance of the accurate birth chart reading in determining the causes behind late marriages. But there are many instances when everything is positive but still, the marriages get delayed or don’t show coming in life. What can be the reasons behind that? Clueless! Right.

Why Does Marriage Delay?

In this materialistic world, we often forget the fact that we all are connected in the Universe. It’s proven science that celestial bodies of the Universe or planets can affect the lives of people. We can easily find the reasons behind everything that happens in an individual’s life. Because all the ambitions, choices, interests, decisions are based on the traits of planets in which an individual is born or if we say in short, all the quoted or unquoted reasons can be understood astrologically through the Birth Chart or Janam Kundli.

Let’s us see how the planetary position affects the marriages and what causes the delay in marriages:

  1: How the planetary position affects marriages?

  • Our Birth Chart has 12 sections called houses that depict the different aspects of the life of an individual. Each section is ruled by a zodiac sign. The placement and association of the ruling planet of that sign define the intensity of impact on that aspect of life.
  • The seventh house is the main house for marriage. The other important houses that are significant with regard to this aspect are 2nd, 5th, and 11th house.
  • The position of malefic planets and benefic planets in the 7th house affects the results in the matter of marriages. Saturn, Mars, Rahu, Ketu are malefic planets while Jupiter, Moon, and Venus are benefic planets.

  2: What factors cause the delay in marriage?

  • A retrograde of the ruling planet in connection with the 7th house can cause a delay in marriage.
  • When the seventh house reflects the direct or indirect connection with Saturn then the difficulties in marriages get evident.
  • The connection of Mars with 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th, and 12th house can be the cause of late marriage
  • You can expect a great delay in marriages when there is a conjunction of Saturn and Venus position in the birth chart and 8th or 12th house has Moon as a ruling planet.
  • The position of Mars in the 8th house often affects marriage and cause the delay.
  • The conjunction of Moon with Rahu in the 7th house and debilitation or weakening of 7th lord becomes the reason for the hindrance in marriage events.
  • An old age marriage is expected when Mars is in 7th house and the malefic planets Saturn and Venus are positioned in the rising sign or ascendant.
  • Delay occurs in marriages when 7th Lord and Saturn shows malefic traits with the conjunction.
  • The affliction of the 2nd Lord can delay marriage.

Although a delay in marriage can be the reason for distress, still the wait is worth if we meet the right person in life. But sometimes, solitude reigns in destiny and people remain unmarried for a lifetime. Let us also look at the planetary positions which can cause an individual to remain unmarried for life.

  • When the Mercury and Venus conjoined together in retrograde or combust in the Kundli then there are chances of being unmarried.
  • If the debilitated Moon is posited in the 7th house from the Venus and 7th house shows the conjoining of Saturn and Venus, you will have to face solitude in your life.
  • Marriage may not be on cards for you if the lord of the 7th house conjoins with the Malefic Mars and Saturn after retrograde and Rahu is posited in the 7th house.

Astrological Remedies to Prevent Delayed Marriage

You cannot change your destiny but the will power and love are enough to get the divine intervention in your life. You can get rid of the uncertainties of delay in marriage by wearing suitable gemstones that attract the positive power of planets and weakens their malefic effect.

Nothing is impossible if you have strong faith. Worshipping Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu can give you the marital bliss.

It is difficult to stay in anxiety when you want to tie the knot with your dream partner. But the delay is never negative. It might be the time given to you to inculcate the positivity that is required to lead a good life after marriage.

If you ever find it hard, look for Love Horoscope and find what the Universe wants to say. Remember it’s never too late for anything and same goes with the marriage. Be righteous and stars will conspire to get the love you are destined for.

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