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Why Instagram Stories are Important | Effective Method to Use Them

Instagram stories are only fun and you will be familiar with the Snapchat Esque-filters that can turn in sweet puppies or even cool ice cream.

These filters and effects are just only fun and you can say them novelty or anything else. However, here we will discuss Instagram stories and why you must use them in your Instagram strategy.

Let’s start our journey!

There are many reasons and some are here:

1)   Millions of Active Users Daily

A stat shows that there are more than 200 million active users who view stories. This stat is enough to clear you that you are on the fast-growing platform of the world that beat all other social marketing channels.

2)   Stories are Discoverable

Discoverable means people are accounts that you can search although you have not follow them. Your story remains online for 24 hours and anyone can see it. He is your follower or not, it’s nothing matter, as like you searched an account and can see his story, people also see yours.

This is the thing that makes it great and increase your story reach and engage your fans.

3)   Hashtags in Stories

Have you ever noticed about Hashtags if not then use them in your story now?

When someone will search anything using the same hashtag that you use in your story, definitely they will see your story in their feeds that can make you more discoverable.

why instagram stories are important

4)   Use an Outbound Link

If you have more than 10,000 followers on Instagram, then there will be a swipe up option that will allow you to add an outbound link that will directly send someone to your site or blog article.

If you have not so many followers then you do not need to disappoint because when these features were launched then the limit was 1 million that has been dropping very fast.

Another option is also there which named “Link/paper clip” that can allow you to add a URL to another source.

5)   Grow Your Community

Tagging other users in your stories make them proud and build your strong relationship and also starts a new one.

So, you must tag peoples in your stories to make more engagement and reach.

6)   Promote Individuality

You can create a sense of individuality by showing people about “what you are working” and give them experience about what happening behind the scenes.

This will make a sense of viewers that they are special for you.

7)   Add a Customized Method to Engagement

You can make a better relationship with peoples by showing them a beautiful face, the love of your lives means your favorite things like Tea Mug, Cats, places and etc.

People love buying from those people they know about more and Instagram stories help you. You must explain the passion behind your brand and show why you love this, and it will raise your fans.

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8)   Brand Awareness

Algorithms change very often and it also changes what will be seen in your story. Some people observe that their engagement dropped very soon, it’s all due to change in algo.

The best part of the story is that it engages your audience continually and keep you in front of mind.

9)   Visible for 24 Hours

There is no best time for posting because your story will be visible for the next 24 hours.

We would recommend you to update your story in every 10-12 hours because it will make newer news feed of your audience.

10)   Download or Save Option

Once you have shared your story then you can also download a single or a whole post.

For example, if you want to use them on another social media like Facebook then you can save it.

11)  Mute any User for a While

If you are bored of seeing someone same story then you don’t need to worry. Hold on their name and mute them for a while and get rid of it.

12)  Hide your Own Story

Instagram also has a feature to hide your own story from someone. For example, you have a competitor or a person who works all anti of you and you don’t want to tell them about your latest sale or new upcoming then you can hide your story from those particulars.

13) Fun Factor

I already say that Instagram stories are just only fun.

In this world when social media feels like a duty, you can rock your personality and tell people who you are and what makes you unique.

You can use Instagram stickers that can change your face and use it in your post and story highlights and make long-lasting fun.

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Conclusion: So, the conclusion is that Instagram stories are so important in every aspect and can help you in raising fans and also your brand awareness.

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