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Know And Ask about the SEO [Search Engine Optimization]?

SEO On Page | SEO Off Page

Search engine optimization or SEO is a process of increasing your website Organic traffic, Website ranking on search results, quantity score etc of your website

How You Do SEO?

On-Page and Off-Page SEO.

On-Page SEO [Search Engine Optimization]:

On-Page SEO [Search Engine Optimization] involves the optimization done within the website, optimizing your website for the search engine to obtain a higher ranking and earn more relevant organic traffic for your website on the search engine results.

Search engine optimization On Page

Learn the Steps involved in On-Page SEO:

Page Title and Meta Description:

When publishing the content on the page, know that you should have a unique title for each article having the main keyword of that page within the Title Tag.

The Meta Description is the second important place where you can insert the relevant keyword of your article as the description are used within the search engine during the listing of search results.

Meta Tags:

Each article published should have some set of keywords in form of tags added and all the tags should be relevant to the page content.

Search engine optimization Meta tags Optimization

URL Structure:

Once you publish an article on the website, the link is generated for that article where your article main keyword should be present.

Know that the link should be user-friendly and not too long and complex.

Always try to keep the URL short and simple with the target keyword added in that.

To check the word limit of Title, Description, and URL and see the snippet of how it looks on SERP results you can use of the online Seomofo Tool know more.

Body tags:

Don’t write too big and boring articles but keep them short and divided with the help of headings tags like H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6 Tags with the main keyword added in the tags.

Write the articles with the help of H Tags and in smaller sections like paragraphs.

Keyword Density:

While writing a post we try to use more and more keywords within the article for raking purpose called Keyword stuffing which is bad for the website and falls under Black Hat SEO.

Always try to maintain keyword density while posting an article online, maintain the keyword density of =< 3% and to check the Keyword density make use of WordPress plugin Yoast SEO Tool or online tools like wordcounter, Smallseotools and more.

Image SEO:

The keyword is not just used in the content but can also be used in the ALT tags and description of the Image helping Google search find what’s in the image and helping boost your SEO and website ranking.

There are a number of online and offline image optimization tools and software available, online tools like compressjpeg, jpeg-optimizer and many more.

Internal Linking:

Linking your pages together is very important for any website for increasing the user experience on the website and increasing your SEO.

If you are not able to provide all the information on a page then for more information purpose use Anchor Text and interlinking the page and provide more information to the users.

SEO [Search Engine Optimization] for any website is very important for good ranking, increasing traffic and improve ranking in the search results.

But just actions taken within the website is not enough but you also need to do some outside website work also like SEO Off page.

Off-Page are the actions taken outside the website Or it’s a technique used to increase your position on the web search results and getting more traffic to your website.

Digital marketing and companies logo

Off Page SEO [Search Engine Optimization] process:

know the SEO Off page things to be considered:

Directory Submission:

Directory submission is very important for any website because it helps you with your link popularity and improves your website ranking, good for SEO Off Page.

Web Directory is mainly an online list or catalog of websites where you choose the top directory submission websites, register and submit your website and blogs.

Article Submission:

Article Submission as the name suggests its nothing but writing an article which is relevant to your website or business with the keywords and submit it to the top popular article

Submission directories.

It’s a way to promote your website and its link to helping yours by increasing your website ranking and increasing organic traffic for your website.

Forum Submission:

Forum Submission is nothing but a discussion where we communicate with each other, message, replying and posting a new thread.

It’s a very good way to increase your website traffic organically, get more quality backlinks to your website and increase your website awareness also.

Social Media Marketing:

Social media an among the best platform to promote your website and reach more people but keeping things in mind like creating the unique, attractive content to get more engagement.

It’s simply a process helps you in your awareness and increase traffic for your business through social media platforms.Search engine optimization On page and Off Page

Press Releases:

It’s an SEO Off page technique of sharing the newsworthy content with the interested parties and increasing your website awareness and building quality backlinks for your website.

Link Building:

Last but not least and the important point in the SEO Off page is link building process to increase traffic to your website.

It’s SEO Off page process of getting high-quality inbound links for the other website increasing your website DA, Traffic and website awareness.

You can also make use of online tools to audit competitor website and check for the linking site to get links for your website from them like Semrush, seoprofiler, Ahrefs, and more tools.

SEO benefits for business:

Search Engine Optimization helps the business to create a faster, smoother and user-friendly website. This will help user for easy navigation, increasing the time on site and decreasing your website bounce rate.

Search Engine Optimization helps to target the audience and get more organic traffic, increasing customers for your business website.

The Search Engine Optimization optimized site has good quality content for the user with faster loading pages and easy to surf pages, this can business in converting the visitors into the returning visitors or subscribers.

If your website is well optimized with On-page and Off-Page SEO [Search Engine Optimization] then you can beat your competition easily on the search results.

Also, SEO helps your website to rank higher in SERP getting more impressions for your website and increasing your website traffic, your business brand awareness.

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