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ET Money a good way to save and grow your money

ET Money, One Application with the complete Investment solution

Nowadays just keeping money in your pocket or your bank account will not help you in achieving your future goals because money will not grow of its own, ET Money.

“Start investing now to achieve your future goals”

We face many issues will investing money, not able to choose the correct investment option?

We always have the number of questions in mind while investing the money like,

ET Money knowandaskWhere to invest the money?

Find the best option to invest money?

How to invest the money?

How much to invest, to achieve your future goals?

Worry not, ET Money an All in one solution application for your investment.

You may now question is it safe to use ET money app or is it safe to invest through ET money app?

The answer is yes, investing through ET money is safe as ET Money is just the aggregator and the money is directly invested in the companies.

 ET Money helps to manage daily expenses, to invest in the best mutual funds & buy insurance.

The expense manager [Currently in India only] automatically aggregates and categorizes all spend in one place.

ET Money, mutual funds app lets you Invest in Direct Mutual Funds, start SIP for your MF investments.

Now with the new update, you can also apply for a credit line & ensure you have access to money 24*7! And all these services are available at ZERO PAPERWORK & ZERO COST just through your application, if any issue can contact.

ET money customer care can be reached through the ET Money app live chat or contact them through et money customer care mail id:

Few New Features of ET Money (ET Money Reviews): 


  • ET Money provides a smart way to keep your ideal money safe and grow your money.
  • ET Money SMART DEPOSIT is combined with Reliance and the money deposited here will be invested in the Reliance Liquid Treasury Institutional Plan-Growth
  • Through ET Money SMART DEPOSIT we get returns better than idle money in our Bank A/c
  • Keeping money in ET Money SMART DEPOSIT is safe just like keeping your money in a bank account.
  • ET Money SMART DEPOSIT allows the instant withdrawal of money anytime, from anywhere 24/7/365days.
  • ET Money SMART DEPOSIT allows you to deposit money as low as Rs.1000.
  • ET Money smart deposit allows you to a withdrawn amount as low as Rs.500 minimum withdrawal amount.


With wealth creation, Health creation is also very important.

  • ET Money EASY INSURANCE, they Search & Compare Health Plans designed as per your needs.
  • ET Money EASY INSURANCE for your Parents coverage, Family coverage, health plan and Managing a pre-existing medical condition.
  • ET Money EASY INSURANCE covers your health insurance, Two Wheeler’s insurance, and Car Insurance.

ET Money ONE-TAP INVESTMENT [Mutual Funds]:

  • ET Money wealth creation will help you, through ET-Money investment you can invest in best mutual funds with just one tap.
  • ET Money Investment compares and shows the best performing mutual funds forward to invest in as per your future goals.
  • ET Money Investment helps to analyze the best performance through the ET market chart of each mutual fund.
  • Through ET-Money Investment, you can invest in multiple numbers of mutual funds and you can track your existing external mutual funds performances also.
  • Through OTM in the ET-Money Investment option, the money will be automatically deducted from your amount for your mutual funds, no need to select the payment option every time you invest in mutual funds like net-banking or debit card process.

Through the ET Money Investment option, you can cancel your funds anytime you want with a single click, and flexibility to skip SIP.

Retire Rich:

Now with the new updated version of ET money you can even invest in the NPS (National Pension System) National Pension Scheme (NPS) which is a government-sponsored pension scheme, launched in the year 2004, In this scheme, a subscriber can contribute some part of his income in the pension account regularly.

As per the NPS from ET money you can Invest a lumpsum amount in the NPS account minimum of 1000rs Annually till your retirement and on 60th Year you will receive a Lumpsum amount of 60% and rest will be as a regular income for the contributor which is tax-free.

Get A Loan:

If you need the money and looking for a loan, then with the help of ET Money now you can get up to 20lakhs of a loan without much paperwork.

Take Loan pass and pay interest only on the amount you use with the lifetime validity on the pass.

To know more visit the ET Money app and start investing for your future……

etmoney investment application knowandask
ET-Money Investment process:

Find: Choose from the best mutual funds available.

Invest Paperless investment within 30sec.

Manage: Mutual Fund’s insights to improve your performance.

ET MONEY CreditLine knowandask

Features of ET-Money Application (ET Money Reviews):
  • With its new update now you can invest in Direct mutual funds through the ET Money app.
  • ET MONEY CreditLine will allow you to instantly transfer money to your bank account, As little as ₹3,000 or as high as ₹5 lakh with no No physical documents required for ET MOney Creditline.
  • Whenever you are out of money just use ET Money Creditline.
  • Through ET MONEY CreditLine, pay interest only on the money you use.
  • ET  Money is India’s best personal finance to manage your daily spent, bills and investments.
  • In ET Money you can add external mutual funds, check daily insights and performance of the funds.
  • ET MONEY allows you to invest in Reliance Gold Savings Fund-Growth, better than buying physical Gold.
Few things to remember, when investing through ET-Money [cons]:

If you are investing through this app in mutual funds but the withdrawals are done externally, the Application will still show that Mutual fund in the tracking option and ET money-smart deposit.

Download the ET Money App Here Now

Still, not all the Mutual funds are present in the ET Money Application for the investors to invest in.

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