Commodity Market

Commodity market timing:

Opens : 10:00 am

Closes : 11:55 pm

Options available for the investors while investing in commodity market whether its Buy/Sell order:

Commodity market also called MCX [Multi Commodity Exchange]:

1) Bullions: Investor can invest the money in Gold and silver based on lot size.

Lot Size’s: Gold Mega 1lot=100rs and Gold Mini 1lot=10rs

For Silver mega 1lot=30rs, Silver mini 1lot=5rs, Silver micro 1lot=1rs.

2) Base metals: Investor can invest the money in Zinc, Aluminium, Copper, Lead and Nickel based on lot size

For Lead mega, Aluminium mega, Zinc mega 1lot=5000rs and Aluminium mini, Lead mini, Zinc mini 1lot=1000rs.

 For Copper mega 1lot=1000rs-and Copper mini 1lot=250rs.

For Nickel mega 1lot=100rs and Nickel mini 1lot=10rs

3) Energy: Investor can invest the money in Crude and NAtural gas based on lot size

For Crude mega 1lot=100rs and Crude mini 1lot=10rs.

For Natural gas lot size 1lot=1250rs


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