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What Is SEO and How To Choose The Best SEO Services

While constantly evolving, and often to the frustration of marketers, search engine optimization (SEO) is still one of the most important components of internet marketing.

It is very important for any company, regardless of size or area of ​​operation, to reap the rewards of its services, provided it is well done, of course.

To make sure your affordable SEO expert gives you the best possible results for your campaign, I’ve put together a list of qualities that all advanced services have in common, which you should take a look at when choosing a service.

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Solid experience in SEO

SEO agencies are very cheap, with a new agency seemingly coming out of nowhere almost daily.

And just because someone claims to be an affordable SEO marketing doesn’t mean they really know what they’re doing. Therefore, it is important to check an SEO service provider’s history, work, references, and years of experience.

While age is not an immediate indicator of reliability, any SEO company that has been able to stay afloat for a decade more than likely has a group of happy customers to brag about.

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Technical Experience in SEO

SEO skill means having knowledge of the technical aspects of SEO, which include:

Site structure and easy visualization in crawls; Page optimization and the use of keywords and HTML characters; Link building and other optimization methods external to your site. The best affordable SEO agency has a holistic approach to SEO. Therefore, you need someone who specializes in these three aspects.

Commitment to White Hat Techniques

Reliable SEO will only use secure white hat SEO techniques and nothing that can cause Google to penalize your site, such as buying links, creating fake social networking accounts, and using links on blog networks.

Artificial link building may be one of the fastest ways to undermine your ranking on search engine results pages (SERP); Unfortunately, many SEO professionals knowingly ignore Google’s warnings.

Services beyond SEO

As counterintuitive as it sounds, a trusted affordable SEO marketing companies will go beyond marketing research by offering a comprehensive internet marketing audit and a plan that leverages every possible channel and platform to improve your site’s performance in the following ways:

  • Online Visibility
  • Customer Generation
  • Conversions

Why pay a company that only works with link building, when there is a better one in the market doing the same in a much more effective way?

Local search results in SEO

Clear delivery times

Hiring the services of an SEO provider means you have agreed to specific service delivery times to be expected from your transaction.

These may incorporate, however, are not restricted to, the accompanying:

  • A site audit
  • Monthly reports
  • Quality testing
  • Implementation of target key performance indicators (KPIs).

These service deliverables are important to know if your SEO campaign is successful or not.

Knowledge of industry trends

It is important for an SEO expert to keep up to date on the latest industry trends. It’s extremely important because SEO is constantly changing, and following best practices is the best way to protect your site from penalties, or worse, from being completely banned from search results.

SEO specialists will know the current SEO landscape as well as the palm of your hands. They will also get a general idea of ​​what to expect from future updates, based on the direction of search engines as Google is doing with their algorithm updates. (eg Stronger focus on quality content ).

Sound skepticism about search algorithm trends

If someone claims to know all about Google’s search algorithm, that person is probably not what they are saying.

Sure, I know which methods have positive and adverse effects on ranking a site on Google SERPs, but I can’t say that I know all the details of Google’s search algorithm, nor can I say that I know exactly how it will change in the future.

Knowledge about backend data

Advanced SEO specialists will also have knowledge about a site’s backend data . Perhaps the biggest reason for hiring the services of an SEO expert lies in how technical it can become, coding inclusion, goal setting, and data analysis, all of which is half of what makes SEO so effective.

To achieve effective results, knowing the basic or general concepts of SEO is not enough. You also need knowledge of backend data.

Latest SEO Techniques

Ability to interpret data from a website

Given the sheer volume of information and numbers that come into play with SEO, it is important for a provider to know what the data or analysis is telling them.

With the various tactics you can use to boost your ranking, your data analysis will tell you everything you need to know about what is and isn’t working – the only problem is whether or not you know where to look and what to do. that mean the data.

An affordable SEO consultant should understand your site’s data analytics, identify the impact (or absence of it) of specific measures implemented in your campaign, knowing exactly what to keep or trade forward.

Knowledge about the channels that affect SEO

With so many channels of communication that can affect your site’s ranking in search engines, SEO providers need to know how each one comes into play with your campaign.

An understanding of the real goal of SEO

What is the focus of SEO? Would it be traffic through high rankings in search engine page results? Or is it conversions, the process of converting a visitor into a consumer?

While SEO is primarily all about improving rankings to increase traffic, the real goal is to get more people to become customers. A reliable SEO provider will know this as well as he knows the importance of assessing the situation as a whole.

Excellent communicative skills

The best SEO professionals have the ability to explain advanced SEO concepts in a way that a layman can understand, helping business owners understand what is really going on with their campaigns.

SEO professionals must have the ability to communicate clearly because a recommended change has to be made to their site, providing understandable arguments and clear expected results.

Communication is also an important skill when your SEO professional has to work with your company’s IT staff, which must happen at some point.

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Provides realistic deadlines for results

Do you know a way to identify a dubious SEO service provider? When it promises you visible results in a short time, like a week or something.

The harsh reality about SEO is that any ranking increased for a certain keyword made by website optimization will show results after some time. Anyone promising otherwise is either lying or using some kind of black hat SEO method that could end up penalizing your site.

If you ask me, I’m much more likely to trust someone who gives you a long run to deliver the necessary content creation and linking (which may take a long time) to someone who promises instant results.

An approach to link building with quality over quantity

The success of an SEO campaign depends on the success of your link building efforts. Gone are the time for link building by volume and paying for links, then you should probably avoid any SEO provider that uses this type of approach.

With the Google Penguin update designed to sniff out black hat link building techniques, the focus is now on high-quality link building, developing ways to achieve high ranking onsite ranking pages in a natural way.

Case studies

Case studies serve as proof of how well the services of an SEO provider worked for their clients. The best SEO providers will be more than happy to send you copies or links to your case studies or referrals, giving you an idea of ​​how happy your customers were with their work. Of course the more successful case studies, the more an SEO company will be likely to give you great results.

Real-world marketing knowledge

When it comes directly to this, the basis of SEO is very similar to regular marketing.

Ability to adjust to your area of ​​expertise

While learning curves are always present, the best SEO service providers are able to fit any business area, whether IT, sales, resale, data analytics or customer service.

SEO professionals are expected to be able to work effectively with their employees, adjusting their personality, vision and communication style.

A talent for solving things

Effective SEO campaigns are totally focused on getting results. SEO is largely a trial and error process, but great SEO professionals will stop at nothing until they can overcome obstacles and problems. Of course, this means that your business needs to be rational enough to experiment with SEO techniques and A / B testing programs.


Regardless of whether your business is a small startup, a large organization, or something in between, if you need to reach internet traffic for your marketing or sales, working with search engine optimization definitely has to be in your tactics. .

When hiring an SEO expert, look for someone with real vision, someone who can identify goals tailored to your unique situation.

Above all, be patient. Successful SEO campaigns can take several months to work, so I don’t expect an instant gain in rankings and traffic. As mentioned earlier, any company promising quick wins probably should not be trusted with their money.

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